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The best beer deserves the best bottle.
The best bottle deserves the best connoisseur.

In June 2019, master brewer Ruben Berta officially inaugurated his machinery by producing the first crush of his workhorse Ciao.Ticino.

The second crush is dedicated to the amber version - delicate, caramelised and not very bitter - the Irish Red Ale makes up 10% of the total production.

Ciao.Luppolo is an intense rare pearl. Characterised by careful cold hopping to intensify the flavours, it is really worth tasting!

A subtle peppery undertone is imparted by the yeast, giving this beer a unique and intriguing character.

The magic of winter. A hint of spice for a magical beer. A dark amber beer brewed with originally selected spices.

Looking for a keg for your event? Want to organise the perfect party? The Valle Maggia Brewery supplies 20-litre kegs of Ciao.Ticino.

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