Where Nature and passion meet.

The Valle Maggia Brewery

It is in Avegno, a small village at the entrance to Vallemaggia, that Ruben Berta and Michele Gilardi decided to set up their brewery. Certainly, this was not a choice made at random. Alpine landscapes, unspoilt nature, tradition and gastronomy provide an ideal backdrop, making this valley a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

In turn, the Valle Maggia Brewery aims to be an equally spectacular place: amidst polished tanks and neat tangles of pipes, the typical smell of wort wafts through the premises during the brewing process and uniquely characterises the entire environment, igniting the gourmet’s senses.

Although small in size, this brewery stands out for the great potential it has been able to develop. It is a creative setting where nature, passion and expertise come together to create a craft and quality product.

The Team

Ciao.Beer is not just a good recipe and selected raw materials,
Ciao.Beer is also passion and dedication.

Michele Gilardi

The Ticino craft beer Ciao.Beer was born from the passion of Michele Gilardi, the enthusiasm and competence of master brewer Ruben Berta, and the support of a large group of enthusiasts and supporters. The fresh, clear waters of the Vallemaggia springs, the realm of unspoilt landscapes, do the rest, skilfully combined with the spices and aromas that nature bestows. With this quality craft product, Vallemaggia says “Ciao!” to all connoisseurs of a good beer.

Ruben Berta

Born and raised in Ticino, Ruben Berta formed as a master brewer at KPU* in the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada. Since childhood, he has loved to cook. It is the challenge of creating a drink from raw materials that leads him to brewing beer. Combining love for his land, science, artistic and culinary expression, Ruben thus creates his own version of this historic beverage. Passion, heart, willpower and dedication define the quality of his product.

* In 2019, voted best brewmaster school in North America.

Emanuele Forner

A big fan of craft beer, Emanuele helps out a lot with administration and distribution. Always present, you will find him behind our stall at the next event.

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